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Freshead Design Studio. Based in Manchester, NH, US.

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About freshead creative

I'm a one man show based out of the heart of New England, 45 minutes from the coast, mountains and Boston. I love all things print and despise website design. I really enjoy working on the more personal side of design, i.e. announcements, invitations, save the dates, personal stationery etc.

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Smudge Design on Feb 16 2011
Smudge Design
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Hi Tim, I got rid of the drop shadow and added a new font. Let me know what you think. Renee.

Make Lemonade on Feb 15 2011
Make Lemonade
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I've been trying for years to draw like a child again...that's a BIG compliment :)

Stacey Day on Jan 27 2011
Stacey Day
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hi, tim! thank you so much for your sweet comment. i truly appreciate it :). welcome to minted! it looks like you are off to a good start - cupcake typography is adorable. thanks again!

Make Lemonade on Jan 25 2011
Make Lemonade
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Welcome! It's great to see so many talented designers in one area. I'm loving the inspiration this community brings.

Tolani Lightfoot on Jan 23 2011
Tolani Lightfoot
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Welcome to Minted Freshead Tim. I love your two cards. Thank you for your comment. I have t say I agree. The lace is working for me as well. I faltered for a bit and then decided t let it be. I am excited t see what else you have in store. Again, Welcome.