Allison Richardson

Allison Richardson. Based in Honolulu, HI, US.

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About Allison Richardson

Originally from Savannah, Ga., Allison now resides in Honolulu with her husband and their dog Cricket. Soaking up the sunshine and inspiration that surrounds her daily, and with a penchant for all things creative, she likes to dabble in as much as she can.

favorite designers

  • annie clark
  • guess what?
  • Waui Design
  • Laura Hankins
  • b.wise papers
  • Jody Wody


jmelianne on Jun 17 2012
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Hi Allison! Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you're loving it here in Hawaii - maybe I'll see you the next time there's a Mintie Meetup! Good luck with the challenge!

Charis on Feb 22 2012
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So great getting to meet you Monday! I hope we all do another (unofficial) Hawaii meet up sometime or something. :) Love your Warm Aloha design, and what a cute profile pic! Good luck on all the upcoming challenges!

hapamapa on Feb 22 2012
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Hi Allison! It was great meeting you at the Honolulu Meetup. Good luck with the challenges - hope you get a win/pick soon!

guess what? on Feb 13 2012
guess what?
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Hi Allison! Welcome to Minted! Thank you so much for your sweet note + warm hello! It's so great to see a fellow islander here! I think your first entries are really great! My favorite is Warm Aloha - I love your hand-lettering! Hope you're coming to the Honolulu meet up on feb 20! They haven't announced the location yet, but I think they'll be letting us know soon. I think you'll really enjoy it, so please come! I also got a chance to check out your photography website! Really beautiful work!! I have two little ones, so I'll be sure to look you up when we decide to take their photos! Well, great "meeting" you! Hope I get to see you in person on Monday! Best of luck here at Minted! Take care and God bless! :)

Laura Hankins on Feb 13 2012
Laura Hankins
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I'm not running it, but good luck to you :) I think my husband is, I believe they have to for work (he's up at Schofield...are you/your husband military?) I *think* Mariam will be there, she's been at the last two in Honolulu, but if not then I'm sure another representative for Minted. It's really casual and laid back though, nothing intimidating- promise! (I was totally freaked the first time too!)

Laura Hankins on Feb 13 2012
Laura Hankins
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You should definitely come! I'm not sure on the specifics yet, I'd imagine there will be an email this week about the location. I've gone to two of the meetups now and they're a great time. You get to meet the other designers on island, and of course Mariam, the founder! (She usually has great info on what's coming up and what goes on behind the scenes at Minted.) My email is, if you ever have any questions!

Laura Hankins on Feb 13 2012
Laura Hankins
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Hey Allison! I just came across your designs in voting and saw that you were based in Hawaii too- I'm in Kapolei for the next month or so before we move back to the mainland. Just thought I'd say hi to another Hawaii-based designer, hope to meet you at the Honolulu meetup next Monday! Take care, and good luck in the challenge- I love your Warm Aloha :)